How soon can you test for flu

Soon an influenza outbreak, a positive rapid flu can is likely to indicate influenza for. To help control the spread of influenza in your community, stay home and keep sick children home until fever has been gone for 24 hours. For Patients Find a doctor how location flu to test so you can get the… Read More »

GlaxoSmithKline hands Samsung Biologics $231M to scale up manufacturing

Outside of vaccines, GlaxoSmithKline isn’t a major producer of biologics compared with some of its Big Pharma peers. But it has just signed a big deal to scale up manufacturing in the field. The British pharma tapped South Korean CDMO Samsung Biologics in a deal worth more than $ 231 million to help it make biologic… Read More »

How to get rid of top layer of belly fat

Maybe you’d like these? According to a February study published in Obesity, long-term cortisol exposure has a significant impact on fat accumulation in the body. This exercise tones your upper belly by hitting the deep transverse abdominis muscles that are easy to miss during workouts. It can drive diseases like heart disease and type 2… Read More »

What are latanoprost eye drops used for

Wash your hands before putting in your eye drops, and do not allow the tip of the dropper to touch your eye, eyelid, eyelashes, or fingers. Another often overlooked source of contamination is the bottle cap, so be sure to place it on a clean surface such as a fresh tissue. Remember to close the… Read More »