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What vitamin to prevent hair loss

Premature hair loss can be frustrating to deal with, but luckily, there are ways to treat vitamin prwvent hair adding one of loss best vitamins for hair loss to your daily routine. The authors of this study concluded that vitamin D level may correlate with psoriasis duration [ ]. Serum prevent, vitamin B12, folic what… Read More »

Medical News Today: Could a probiotic prevent or reverse Parkinson’s?

A new study using a roundworm model of Parkinson’s disease found that a probiotic bacterium could prevent, and in some cases reverse, toxic protein buildup. Misfolded alpha-synuclein proteins in the brain are the hallmark sign of Parkinson’s disease. Many experts believe that these toxic protein clumps lead to the progressive loss of brain cells that… Read More »

Can anxiety prevent sleep

Then you catch a glimpse of the clock, and realize how late it already is. For teenagers, sleep plays a critical role in staying healthy, feeling happy, maintaining good grades, and doing well in sports. It’s a two-way street: Stress and anxiety can cause sleeping problems, or worsen existing ones. This includes removing televisions and… Read More »

Can a vegan diet prevent cancer

By contrast, whether specific dietary interventions can influence the metabolic pathways that are targeted in standard cancer therapies is not known. Vegan diets could reduce prostate cancer risk One of can a vegan diet prevent cancer funded studies found a vegan diet could reduce the risk of prostate cancer. But since methionine is sourced mainly… Read More »