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Why is your stomach making noises?

Are you just hungry, or is there a more serious issue behind the noises? (iStock) Dear Dr. Manny, Why is my stomach making noises? I think it’s embarrassing, but my 3-year-old son thinks it’s funny. Is there any way to stop the gurgling? Do pregnant women experience the same problem?  Thanks for your question. WHAT… Read More »

Got children? How to get out the door on time

Despite valiant planning efforts and repeated requests, your children are half-dressed. They made the house look like a category F5 tornado came through, and are nowhere near ready to go when you need to get out the door. You can feel your temperature rising as the clock ticks toward late again. If this sounds familiar,… Read More »

Weekly Roundup for NOVEMBER 29, 2019: Recent Publications in Women’s Mental Health

Prenatal Developmental Origins of Future Psychopathology: Mechanisms and Pathways. Monk C, Lugo-Candelas C, Trumpff C.  Annu Rev Clin Psychol. 2019 May 7;15:317-344. This article reviews several biological systems hypothesized to be mechanisms by which maternal distress affects fetal and child brain and behavior development, as well as the clinical implications of studies of the developmental… Read More »

40% of IVF Treatments Are Unnecessary

Your entire body takes direction from your hormones. Hormones are secreted by your endocrine system and are responsible for telling your organs what to do and when to do it.1 They are essentially chemical messengers that travel throughout your bloodstream, working slowly over time to affect processes like growth and development, metabolism and reproduction. Sometimes,… Read More »