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CDC reverses course again, says asymptomatic people should be tested

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reversed course again Friday, now recommending that people get tested if they come into contact with someone who has coronavirus, even if they are asymptomatic. “Due to the significance of asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission, this guidance further reinforces the need to test asymptomatic persons, including close contacts of a… Read More »

HHS said to reverse course, with hospitals to report COVID-19 data to CDC again

[Update: This piece has been updated to include a response from HHS.] The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reportedly said Thursday that it would return responsibility for collecting data from hospitals about COVID-19 patients back to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but HHS later said the process would not change.  Dr. Deborah… Read More »

Different Takes: Lessons On Death Drawing Near Again; Pleas From Cruise Ships Looking For Safe Harbors

Editorial pages focus on these health topics and others. The New York Times: What Are The Dying Worth? Before this novel coronavirus ever reached American shores, I heard dark tones of reassurance. Don’t worry, people said. It kills only the old and the sick. The thought, a temporary (and misleading) escape from rising panic, crossed… Read More »

‘Catfish’ co-host Kamie Crawford reveals why she’ll never diet again

Sally LaPointe dress, $ 790 at Neiman Marcus, “Twist” hoops, $ 98 at Shop Machete, “Tesca” heels, $ 850 at Jimmy Choo.Stephen Yang Kamie Crawford used to be a traditional pageant girl: All smiles and pleasing others. But the Miss Teen USA 2010 has transformed herself. It showed on a recent episode of the MTV… Read More »

Akorn and lenders negotiate its future again

Akorn Pharmaceuticals, whose finances unraveled after manufacturing issues bombed a $ 4.3 billion buyout by Fresenius, is back at the negotiating table with lenders who are keeping it afloat.  In a two-sentence announcement, the Lake Forest, Illinois-based drugmaker Monday said that “negotiations with certain of its lenders are ongoing following the expiration of its standstill… Read More »