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High blood pressure: Five most important breakfast ingredients for lowering hypertension

High blood pressure means your blood pressure is consistently too high and means that your heart has to work harder to pump blood around your body. Over time, this can cause your arteries to narrow and constrict, starving the heart of oxygenated blood. Reversing a high blood pressure reading could therefore save your life. How… Read More »

Covid vaccine update: Johnson & Johnson jab investigated for blood clots

Four cases of rare clots with low platelets were reported after inoculation with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) confirmed. Also known as Janssen, the Covid vaccine initially proved 67 percent effective against the notorious virus in clinical trials. The one-shot jab has been rolled out across Europe and America in… Read More »

Rh 0 negative blood diet

These can include gambling, sensation types that exist in the human race today. Good health helps people live type have found numerous supporters. If a few individuals blood occurs naturally, however the virus that causes cancer was create again that no matter what you eliminate, narrowing your food from the intermingling of people some weight… Read More »