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Health Care Providers Are More Politically Engaged in the 2020 Elections

Until 2016, physicians’ voting rates in U.S. elections had not changed since the late 1970s. Then in 2018, two years into President Donald Trump’s four-year term, the mid-term elections drove U.S. voters to the election polls…including health care providers. Based on the volume and intensity of medical professional societies’ editorials on the 2020 Presidential Election,… Read More »

The rise of telehealth: How to overcome provider burnout while making a quick shift in health care delivery

This article is sponsored by The Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX). The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered seismic shifts in health care delivery. Never before has the health care system mobilized to handle a massive surge in one type of illness while bringing so many other services to an abrupt standstill. Elective surgeries and procedures were… Read More »

Virtual follow-up care is more convenient and just as beneficial to surgical patients

Surgical patients who participate in virtual follow-up visits after their operations spend a similar amount of time with surgical team members as those who meet face-to-face. Moreover, these patients benefit by spending less time waiting at and traveling to the clinic for in-person appointments, according to research findings presented at the virtual American College of… Read More »