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We’re doctors. We signed the book.

As another medical school class graduates in the continued aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, I look back on my own ceremony. I remember the half-empty auditorium, the rows of parents snapping photos on their phones, and the many bored participants counting down the minutes until they could go home and rest after a long four… Read More »

India’s doctors warn over rare, coronavirus-related inflammatory illness in kids

Parents should monitor children for symptoms of a rare but potentially fatal inflammatory condition several weeks after a coronavirus infection, doctors in India say.  Children who faced an asymptomatic course of COVID-19 are still at risk of cascading to multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) about four to six weeks post-infection. Reports have cropped up in India… Read More »

Olympics should be canceled due to COVID-19 surge, say Tokyo doctors

A prominent primary-care organization in Japan is calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics because of a surge in COVID-19 cases. The Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association, which represents about 6,000 primary-care physicians, said in an open letter to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga that Tokyo hospitals “have their hands full and have almost no spare… Read More »