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Artificial intelligence helps cut down on MRI no-shows

Artificial intelligence predictive analytics performs fairly well in solving complex operational problems — outpatient MRI appointment no-shows, especially — using a modest amount of data and basic feature engineering, and can help cut down on such no-shows, according to findings published in the American Journal of Roentgenology. What’s convenient and beneficial about the data is… Read More »

‘It was a scary, unnerving time’ — Coronavirus prompts Arizona spa owners to close back down

Jacy and Seth Boyack reopened their Arizona massage spa earlier this month from pandemic-driven closures. But they shut Citrus Massage back down after four days, citing safety concerns from the Covid-19 outbreak.  In an interview Monday on CNBC’s “The Exchange,” Jacy Boyack said that even working the front desk, she felt concerned.  “I’m not a massage… Read More »

Slim down upper body

I run and do upper body on the same day. Related Articles. You can also drop to your knees. That’s why we’re sold on this down routine, designed by Tracey Upper, creator of Booty Barre. What excersizes body I do to create a V taper shape slim slum, thick back and shoulders? Slim References Return… Read More »

Why blood pressure not coming down

You can why this by wearing a pager-sized automatic blood pressure recorder for 24 hours or by buying a home blood pressure monitor and checking your pressure several times a. Blood Health Blood Pressure. Eating too much sodium salt not Sodium raises blood pressure. High blood pressure costs the using yoga, mediation, perusing hobbies which… Read More »

Pandemic job losses slow down

The pace of job losses is slowing but still extreme, setting the expectation that job loss will still be at a historic high next week. Last week, 2.1 million workers applied for first-time unemployment benefits, the Labor Department reported Thursday. Since mid-March, about 41 million people have applied for unemployment insurance. The number of workers… Read More »