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People with HIV at higher risk of hospitalisation and death from COVID-19, New York study finds

People with HIV were more likely to be admitted to hospital with COVID-19 and more likely to die in hospital due to COVID-19 than people without HIV, and people with more advanced HIV disease or unsuppressed viral load were more likely than other people with HIV to be hospitalised, a review of surveillance data in… Read More »

Protein that keeps immune system from freaking out could form basis for new therapeutics

The immune response to infections is a delicate balance. We need just enough action to clear away the offending bacteria or viruses, but not so much that our own bodies suffer collateral damage. Macrophages are immune cells at the front line, detecting pathogens and kicking off an inflammatory response when needed. Understanding how macrophages determine… Read More »

Pediatric hospitals face ‘double whammy,’ not spared from COVID-19 effects

Despite COVID-19 being more lethal in older people, the pandemic and its effects have not spared pediatric hospitals. Pediatric patient volumes were hard hit in the early months of this year amid the onset of the public health crisis, but they’ve been slower to return compared with adult acute care facilities, a lingering problem for… Read More »