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Fauci advises relaxed gatherings in homes for vaccinated individuals, but not ‘out in the community’

Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that the CDC is working on recommendations for individuals that have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, with some recent studies offering a promising measure to determine when states can relax overall restrictions. Speaking on Sunday morning talk shows, the president’s chief medical adviser discussed the benefits of an aggressive vaccination campaign… Read More »

Campus Life in the COVID Era: ‘We’re Missing Out’

Jessica Martin, senior, University of Georgia. Gary Sachs, MD, psychiatrist, Harvard University. George Diebel, sophomore, Hamilton College. Charlie Hunter, sophomore, University of Kentucky. UGA.edu: “UGA reports COVID-19 cases for first full week of class.” Twitter: @universityofga, Sept. 2, 2020. LoHud.com: “Syracuse University suspends 23 students, warns of COVID shut down after large gathering.” SC.edu: “COVID-19… Read More »