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PNA-based technique an essential part of the gene editing toolkit

In an article published in the April 8 issue of Nature, the National Institutes of Health’s Somatic Cell Gene Editing Consortium provided a detailed update on the progress of their nationwide effort to develop safer and more effective methods to edit the genomes of disease-relevant somatic cells and reduce the burden of disease caused by… Read More »

Are cashews part of the keto diet

For your convenience, many of the products we link too are affiliate links which means we may earn money if you purchase a product we recommend. The ketogenic diet keto for short is an excellent way to recharge your metabolism and trim your waistline. Many types of nuts are a great choice on the keto… Read More »

Virtual Barista Jobs: Big Island Coffee Roasters Are Doing Their Part to Help Baristas Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coffee Beans (Photo Credits File Image) The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all across the world, especially individuals who work in hospitality. Baristas across the country and across the world have been laid off due to the pandemic, so Big Island Coffee Roasters are doing their bit to help those that have lost their livelihood.… Read More »