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‘Easily solvable problem’: Jon Stewart says Republicans are ignoring veterans on healthcare

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart accused Republicans of being all talk and no action when it comes to taking care of veterans. After being shown a clip of a veteran yelling at Republican lawmakers outside the Capitol over her concerns about healthcare, Stewart told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell that he’s been out with those… Read More »

When is hair loss a problem

Hair loss is often inevitable. In most cases, it occurs due to aging and depends largely on genetics. This type of hair loss is called a ndrogenetic alopecia and affects an estimated 80 million people in the United States, both men and women, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Other times, however, hair loss… Read More »

When anxiety is a problem

If you believe you are living with an anxiety disorder or other mental illness, contact a licensed therapist for a diagnosis. Is Your Anxiety Disguising Other Feelings? Simply thinking about getting up and dealing with their anxiety throughout the day was terrifying. Anxiety about an upcoming test may cause you to when anxiety is a… Read More »

What is anxiety problem

I ended up going through a divorce and losing a job which were both painful and difficult and still affect me today. Compassion and Healing in Medicine and Society: On the Nature and Use of Attachment Solutions to What is anxiety problem Challenges. Medication: Many antidepressants can work for anxiety disorders. But I think we… Read More »