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Sugars could be the key to an earlier, more accurate test for prostate cancer

A new type of test that uses complex sugars to detect prostate cancer earlier and with greater accuracy is being developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham. The test works by identifying sugars, known as glycans, in blood. These sugars are attached to protein molecules called PSA and are known to undergo distinct but… Read More »

How does cialis help prostate

I am 73 cialis athletic and workout how guys years old without help feel of being behind them. But in many men with erectile dysfunction, this intricate system is out of balance, and sildenafil Viagra, vardenafil Levitra, or tadalafil Cialis often sets things right. I cialis pee like like a champ and empty my bladder… Read More »

African American and white men who receive comparable treatments for prostate cancer have similar survival

Last year, we reported on two studies showing that African American men respond at least as well as white men to prostate cancer treatments given in clinical trials. Nationally, African Americans with prostate cancer are more than twice as likely to die of the disease as their white counterparts, and that has fueled speculation that… Read More »

Pfizer, Astellas’ Xtandi matches J&J’s rival Erleada with new prostate cancer nod

Pfizer and Astellas’ stalwart prostate cancer med Xtandi has watched as Johnson & Johnson’s challenger, Erleada, picked up the lead in the metastatic, castration-sensitive form of the disease. But now Xtandi is ready to take on its familiar foe with a new green light of its own. The FDA on Monday approved Xtandi as a… Read More »

Does cialis help prostate

That’s why the drug isn’t recommended for men who already take drugs that lower blood pressure such as nitrates or alpha-blockers. This can occur in the middle of the night sometimes. Since its effects on blood pressure are brief and somewhat unpredictable, it’s not a good choice to treat does cialis help prostate blood pressure.… Read More »