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‘It was a scary, unnerving time’ — Coronavirus prompts Arizona spa owners to close back down

Jacy and Seth Boyack reopened their Arizona massage spa earlier this month from pandemic-driven closures. But they shut Citrus Massage back down after four days, citing safety concerns from the Covid-19 outbreak.  In an interview Monday on CNBC’s “The Exchange,” Jacy Boyack said that even working the front desk, she felt concerned.  “I’m not a massage… Read More »

Antibody tests may help detect COVID-19 infection – if used at right time.

Scientists have analysed data from around the world to examine the accuracy of antibody tests for COVID-19, and have shown that the timing of testing is critical. The tests do not work accurately when administered at the wrong time. In the most comprehensive review of its kind of COVID-19 testing, researchers have examined all available… Read More »

Traveling By Air In The Time Of Covid

Doubtless, many of you miss air travel for families, business or pleasure. I certainly do. Yet in this time of Covid, short of a hospital or nursing home, an airplane is a most dangerous place. When you’re in an enclosed space, there is a formula for probability of infection which I developed that looks like this:… Read More »

Bristol Myers Squibb’s Opdivo, Yervoy score another lung cancer OK, this time alongside chemo

Bristol Myers Squibb’s Opdivo and Yervoy only just won their first approval in previously untreated metastatic non-small cell lung cancer, but the pair is already making it two. The FDA on Tuesday green-lighted the immuno-oncology duo alongside two cycles of platinum chemo for first-line patients without EGFR or ALK mutations, regardless of whether their tumors… Read More »

Coronavirus live updates: ‘Time is of the essence’ to pass $3 trillion relief package, Pelosi says

Approximately two months after the coronavirus outbreak caused a nearly nationwide lockdown, 48 states have eased shelter-in-place restrictions — only Massachusetts and Connecticut kept strict lockdown rules in place — in an attempt to reinvigorate their local economies. An NBC News survey of 33 states and Washington, D.C., found the lockdown will cost states hundreds of billions… Read More »