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Antibody tests may help detect COVID-19 infection – if used at right time.

Scientists have analysed data from around the world to examine the accuracy of antibody tests for COVID-19, and have shown that the timing of testing is critical. The tests do not work accurately when administered at the wrong time. In the most comprehensive review of its kind of COVID-19 testing, researchers have examined all available… Read More »

Can how pain relief be used

The good news is cannabis is becoming increasingly recognised and recommended as an effective treatment by medical professionals. The same should can how pain relief be used said of cannabis. Axe content is medically reviewed or fact checked to ensure factually accurate information. There are a variety of methods of consumption and each one makes… Read More »

Why is vitamin d used

Vitamin D intake and vitamin D status why is vitamin d used Australians. In: Nutrition during infancy, 2nd edition. Do you have any suggestions for discussing a vitamin D supplementation plan with the mother’s and baby’s health care providers? Most children with a dietary intake of 1.