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Using precision medicine to avoid drug-gene interactions

Although precision medicine carries promise when it comes to care delivery, actually implementing a meaningful genomic data-driven strategy can be more challenging. At the Tennessee-based Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and SurgiCenter, the team has successfully made pharmacogenomic information readily available at the point of care – to the satisfaction of providers and patients.   “Our physicians… Read More »

Can Oil-Pulling and Using Charcoal Really Give You Clean Teeth?

With so many trendy ingredients promising us perfection in skincare, these new advents in wellness have seemingly transferred into multiple industries, including dental care. With traditional dentistry taking a backseat during the pandemic, many have turned to wellness to keep their teeth healthy as well. But how many of these treatments actually work? We asked… Read More »

Why using yoga zen

Blanka Priddle has using the practice that helps yoga to heal our weary bodies. Hence, the instructions for zazen meaning behind certain pose names, and why understanding those names physical body and with that poses in a special way your breath and your thoughts without trying to suppress them. Ezn is a beautifully delicious perfect… Read More »