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One in three coronavirus survivors face psychiatric diagnoses within 6 months: study

New findings suggest one in three coronavirus survivors of some 236,000 individuals under study went on to receive a neurological or psychiatric diagnosis within six months. A team of researchers from the University of Oxford published results in The Lancet Psychiatry journal on Tuesday, drawing on hundreds of thousands of electronic health records for patients… Read More »

How To Find Lasting Happiness Within

By Georgiana Baileh Oftentimes, we place the fate of our happiness in other people’s hands. We expect them to fulfill us and make us whole. But this only sets us up for disappointment and misery. The people in our lives may strive to make us happy, but if we aren’t happy with ourselves the benefits… Read More »

Biomarker predicts which patients with heart failure have a higher risk of dying within 1 to 3 years

Alana Prisco FINDINGS A UCLA-led study revealed a new way to predict which patients with “stable” heart failure — those who have heart injury but do not require hospitalization — have a higher risk of dying within one to three years.  Although people with stable heart failure have similar characteristics, some have rapid disease progression… Read More »

When anxiety was great within me meaning

Often, an individual will experience panic attacks or extreme anxiety in specific situations. We have added some tips to assist you, just check these out. However, if feelings of anxiety regularly cause significant distress or they start to impact on your ability to carry out your daily life, for example withdrawing or avoiding contact with… Read More »