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By | February 17, 2020

No-white diet, as the name suggests is the diet that eliminates foods with white flour, starch and sugar. These foods are highly processed, contain a high amount of starch, carbohydrates, have a high glycemic index and offer low nutritional value, all of which are not considered good for weight loss.

No-white diet is not exactly a diet but a strategy to lose weight easily and effectively. If you are someone who is confused between the rigid diets, you can follow this simplified approach to lose weight and improve your eating habits. Following this diet can also help stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Why should you avoid white foods?

Foods with white processed ingredients contain bad carbs and lack essential nutrients and fibre. These foods fail to keep you fuller for longer, which makes us consume excess calories. These foods are also not good for people with diabetes. Common examples of such foods are biscuits, cheese, sweets and aerated drinks.

What should you eat instead?

Choose healthy options like brown, oats or multigrain bread instead of white bread. Swap your white pasta with wheat or salmonella pasta. Choose whole grains over plain rice. Replace white sugar with stevia, honey, maple syrup or brown sugar.

How good is the no-white diet?

Judging the white foods based only on their colour is not a healthy idea. Some foods like milk, tofu and paneer are also white in colour but are full of nutrition and are a must have to lose weight and be healthy.

White foods one must eat

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Cottage cheese, yoghurt, coconut, cauliflower, white chicken, all these foods are a great source of nutrition and make an integral part of a weight loss diet.

What you can do?
Choose your understanding while picking foods. You must know foods that are good or bad for you. Surely, foods with refined flour and sugar must be avoided but this doesn’t mean all the white foods are bad.
A balanced and healthy diet along with a regular workout routine is the best and sustainable way to lose weight.
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