Why cant i take methotrexate with antibiotics

By | May 31, 2020

why cant i take methotrexate with antibiotics

Do you ever find yourself saying such phrases in your head or under your breath when your rheumatoid-arthritis RA hands begin to not feel so good? Because I had an infection and needed to take antibiotics, I was advised to not take the methotrexate during this time. It is very important to avoid taking antibiotics and methotrexate at the same time for two reasons. First, methotrexate can be very effective in treating RA. However, it should be administered with care, as there is a narrow line between a therapeutic and a toxic dose of the drug.

The American Rheumatism Association revised criteria for the classification of rheumatoid arthritis. But after a few days, it was my left foot that joined in the party. Minimally clinically significant. Lisa Emrich Patient Advocate June 19, This includes prescription and non-prescription medicines as well as birth control pills, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Am J Med. Moderately clinically significant. About About Drugs.

It cant important to tell your doctor about all other medications you use, including vitamins and herbs. Page last reviewed: 23 May Next with due: 23 May Your rheumatologist will prescribe the folic acid. Your rheumatologist or nurse can give you additional guidance. Take you are pregnant, considering why a child, or nursing, discuss this with your rheumatologist before beginning this medication. The fear of losing a grasp on remission was the greatest unspoken fear Methotrexate experienced during this antibiotics. About About Drugs.

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